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“No. Zero Hogs” won the Xiangxi region dealers

Luo Wenping, the chairman of Laifeng Anpulo (Group) Food Development Co., Ltd. traveled to Zhangjiajie, Xiangxi Qianjiang areas (the western part of Hunan province in China) during the National Day holiday in China to conduct market research. While he was there, he was treated warmly by local dealers and bave been told that there has been great market demand for Anpulo’s food products in local areas. The high nutrition value of the “No. Zero Hogs” products made it very popular, the product contains a great amount of “selenium”, which is far more than other hogs; the product is rich in protein, free amino acid, muscle fat and unsaturated fatty acid, it also has high content of mineral, rich in a variety of essential of constant and trace elements. “No. Zero Hogs” has established a good reputation among consumers in Hunan province; some areas are always in short supply due to the popularity of the products. In order to capture the enormous business opportunities, the local dealers have strongly requested Chairman Lou to increase the number of pork supply to 200 hogs a day in these region. Some dealers offered to pay from 200000 RMB to 1 million RMB in advance as a priority order of reserves of “No. Zero Hogs” products. Therefore, if the daily supply increases additional 200 hogs, Xiangxi market is expecting to provide an 20% growth a year.

Laifeng Anpulo (Group) Food Development Co., Ltd.

Oct.22, 2015